Trying to write more

July 18 Tuesday
I have been running 4 or 5 times a week. Distance of each run is approx. 5km.

 Think one of my issues that has affected my running -  is not having any definite goals.
I have not much of anything over the past four months . I have put in some runs, which have helped me keep my fitness at decent level. Not sure what my goals are. Have been toying  with taking up sailing, drawback here is cost. Its expensive.  Also interested in cycling. Need a new bike. And I need a holiday.

Today I cycled to the Base ( kingston and RMC), stopped at TimHortons for a latte and a muffin and then cycled home. Followed the winding road thru the base and around the Royal Military College. Put in a good run around 5 pm. distance 5km. Happy.

Book on night table that I am reading is "CHRONICLES" - BOB DYLAN.  book is interesting.
Like some of his music. Own 4 of his Cds.
Played here in Kingston a few weeks ago. He put on a good show.

June 12 Monday

Run Distance-  6.5


I have signed up for Juneathon.  (Based in England).

My goal is stay firm  to the group and run and post as often as I can. 
I live in Kingston, Ontario. 

June 01 -  Ran 5km +.

May 11 - Thursday

The past few weeks have been difficult. I didn't feel up to snuff, when it came to running and getting things done. On a positive note - I got my taxes done on time. - Took the package to a tax office at local shopping center. Happy as they did not overcharge. 

And I celebrated my 69th birthday.  (May 10) Nice.

I have decided to forget the numbers and focus on living and doing what I want to do.
What are my goals?

Today, I put in a good run. - Happy about this. First run in a couple of weeks. 

I need to buy a new bike. Very stressed over this.  Looked at a good bike store here in town. I didn't like the bike the gal was big on. Not sure what I am going to do.  Think it over. 

And I would like to take a holiday or travel somewhere. 

May 1, 2017

Not done much running Since the beginning of April. Hence I have not posted. 
Today is May 01, and I did a late afternoon run. Got caught in a big downpour - I got very wet.  On the good side , I ran home. OK. 
Walked after supper. Good. 

April 10

I am entered and planning to run in Montreal - on -  Saturday April 22. 
Distance 5K. Part of the Canada Run Series. 
I am running most days, and my goal is to stay healthy, run in Montreal and finish, and back home to Kingston.
 I have a cat (Tuffy), and will be leaving her for 2 days.  Keeping my fingers crossed that she will be okay. I am thinking of  having someone check on Tuffy.

I am also hoping to run in the Toronto Waterfront  10K in late June. This will depend on how things go in Montreal and  on my run preparation and my fitness level. 

Wednesday March 30

Went for a run. Not a good one. 

Tired from yesterday - Curling  Game- we won.
Big game tomorrow.  If we win - we play again, if we lose  we are out - finished. I need to curl a good game. 😀🙏 .